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The 28 Wellness Collective

The 28 Wellness Collective offers active members of 28 who are passionate about living in sync with their cycle a way to earn recurring income by building and fostering their own communities within 28.

Transform Lives

Transform Lives

Hormonal imbalances are causing an epidemic. 28’s mission is to empower women to naturally achieve healthy hormones and their fitness goals by exercising, eating, and living in sync with their cycles. Our patented technology and world-class content delivers a holistic experience unlike any other.
Earn Income

Earn Income

Earn a 25% commission for each direct referral, PLUS a portion of the referrals from your team. We incentivize equal opportunity for all partners to earn meaningful income. Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, you will earn in proportion to the effort you put in.
Find Community

Find Community

Partners educate and inspire in genuine ways by sharing their personal stories and triumphs. They are the first to hear about new content and features, and play a pivotal role in improving the overall experience of 28 and in encouraging others to join.

Our Mission is a Movement,

Driven by Our Community

Why Did We Start This?

In just over a year, more than half a million women have joined 28 from around the world. Our incredible growth is entirely word of mouth. We don’t run ads. We don’t have billboards. But we do have shared stories of transformation from you, the women who use 28. These stories resonate across cities, countries, and oceans. We want to partner with and reward those who are at the heart of our growth.

How You Know You’ll
Make a Great Partner

You Love 28

You Love 28

Your health has been positively transformed by using 28, and you’ve been recommending it to every woman you know.


You’re passionate about 28’s mission and helping women heal their hormones by working with their cycles.


You’re dedicated to your fitness and wellness and proud to share the results you’ve achieved.


You’re active on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, and enjoy connecting with women IRL.


You’re entrepreneurial minded and striving to achieve financial freedom where you can work from anywhere.

It's easy to get started

Sign up and get started in 4 easy steps.

Activate Your

To become a Partner, you must have an active subscription to 28. You can activate your subscription at This gives you full access to all features and content in the app.

Your Portal

You will be granted access to your own portal, which is where your custom shareable link and code will be stored. You can view your earnings, see every member of your community, and set payout preferences.

Review Partner

You will be sent an educational PDF that explains the science of the menstrual cycle, benefits of syncing your cycle, the 28 method, all the features and content within the app, your compensation structure, and more.


You’re ready to build your community and earn income! Share your code or link IRL and across social media. It’s time to walk the walk and talk the talk. Inspire and educate others with your transformation.

Share the Secret Every Woman

Deserves to Know

What’s the Secret?

Our bodies are dynamic, ever-changing forces of nature, akin to the four seasons. For far too long, our health has been misunderstood, guided by standards rooted in male biology and the 24-hour hormone cycle of men, neglecting the fact that women's cycles are 28 times longer. Women's health and well-being are profoundly influenced by our hormonal fluctuations, which are regulated by our menstrual cycles. By working with our bodies, not against them—through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes personalized to the fluctuations of our unique cycles—we can achieve hormonal balance naturally. This knowledge is transformative; once you embrace it, there's no turning back.
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About Our App

Loved by supermodels, college girls, and stay-at-home moms alike, the 28 app is #1 in the world for syncing your cycle. Built with patent-pending technology, it’s the first ever holistic wellness experience that combines everything - cycle tracking, fitness, nutrition, insights, and more - and customizes it all daily to your hormonal fluctuations.


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